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Yaya agency — a content marketing and social media promotion agency
We specialize in solving any issues across all internet marketing channels. Our distinctive feature is our personalized approach to each client's needs, guided by a clearly defined target audience profile.

In our team's portfolio, you'll find experience and branding strategies in the online space for laboratories, cosmetic clinics, plastic surgery, social services, charitable organizations, the music industry, the restaurant business, beauty, fashion, health media, and other sectors.
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We take pride in our long-term partnerships with our clients
We have worked with clinics, cosmetic and cosmetology brands, personal physician brands, publishers, educational institutions, as well as IT companies and sports enterprises, including international corporations. We help our clients stand out in the world of online space by providing increased visibility and successful promotion of them on the Internet.
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Effective development of social networks for your business or personal brand ALWAYS involves planning of a strategy. This strategy is a guide that includes the goals and objectives of promotion, a portrait of the target audience, a rubricator for creating content, positioning and a number of information blocks. Successful work is absolutely impossible without it. Competitor analysis, SMM promotion planning, and recommendations for launching ads are a necessary set of tools to start high-quality work.

*** If you require consultation regarding our services, please feel free to submit an inquiry. We will get in touch with you, discuss your project, show our case studies, and address any inquiries you may have.
We get involved in the work, making it easy for us to engage your audience in the marketing funnel that suits your needs
Each member of our team is a seasoned marketing professional with a rich history of diverse projects.

Our team boasts individuals who are certified journalists, directors, cinematographers, photographers, producers, writers, designers, translators, and other exceptional creative talents, all combining their expertise with extensive experience in internet marketing!

We have the capacity to tackle every aspect of a project with a high level of professionalism, efficiently distributing tasks and intellectual resources within our team. Our commitment to making our work engaging for ourselves is paramount. Rest assured, every service is delivered with unwavering dedication, ensuring a 100% commitment to excellence."

Aksinia Leus
Creator and general producer Yaya agency
"It took me a lot of various skills, knowledge and effort to gather a team of professionals and to apply effectively the mentoring model of leadership in my work. Members of our team work both in office and remotely doing their best to meet our customers' needs.

I think that to do our job successfully we need to have an open and clear eye, the one we know children have. We're always ready to see the usual things from a different angle and use it in our business. We're speaking the language everyone would understand.

Today Yaya is reaching new level.
Expand your borders with us!"
"We are more than a team. Each project is a small era in our lives. We fully immerse ourselves in new topics. Because we are:
  • We love to study and discover new things. Applying our professional skills to a new project topic is our passion.
  • We are perfectionists. If we do something, we do it well!
  • We seek and find balance. Achieving the project's goals while remaining interesting and valuable to the client's audience.
  • We love what we do, and we genuinely root for every project.
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Feedback about us and our approach to work
  • Alexei Sidnev
    Co-founder and the former manager geriatric centers in the Moscow region Senior Group
    Ksenia's team lead Senior Group's social media marketing campaign for two years. I'm extremely pleased with the result. Innovative, bright and yet humble approach was excatly what we needed. I would love to work with Ksenia again.
  • Catharine Burns
    Creator of IRM Training Solutions
    Everybody in "Yaya" team are wizards! They made rebranding for my company and it looks amazing! Special thanks to Ksenia for her professional advice and perseverance. Everything that they created are much more than we could even imagine.
  • Elena Kutyrina
    Early prevention and screening spesialist
    N.N.Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center
    Dear Yaya agency team,

    I would like to express my deep gratitude to you for the wonderful experience you gave me within the Aesthetics of Age project.

    Our photo shoot in Amsterdam is stunning in its creativity and depth. Your photos are more than just images. They are stories told by light and shadow. They are an embodiment of inner strength and confidence. You managed to imprint not only my appearance but also my soul. And I am eternally grateful for that.

    And your talent in styling as well as in make-up and creativity emphasises natural beauty and makes it more vivid and expressive. You don't just create images. You bring out the best traits of a person, making us more confident and happier.

    Thank you for your professionalism, for your vision of beauty in details, and for your ability to make each photo unique and inimitable. Thank you for helping us to believe in ourselves and our uniqueness.

    With sincere gratitude, Elena Kutyrina
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