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IRM Training Solutions
The original philosophy of IRM Training Solutions is to unite people from all over the world and we used its ideas for rebranding. The logo was significantly changed. We made it more modern, brief, simple and user-friendly. We also added its ideas, graphical elements to the branding style.

The blue tones which we chose to be the major colors highlight neutrality, purity, loftiness and genuineness.

The patterns we used in the branding style show how all traditions and cultures could be united in the context which is above culture and nation. They've been used in all national art forms since ancient times.

The patterns of the colors that we selected for the brand were successfully integrated into hard and other copies.

We made a series of shots based on the developed strategy of company positioning. We also used these photos to build the company's individual style.
In the brandbook we presented a large amount of content for Social Media Marketing, which helps us to meet the challenges of the market and to realize how we could succeed in it.

Here you can see a web banner which was used for the existing web-site of the company. We planned to import the new branding style into the original design of the web-site.

The company's SMM manager will need branding quotes to effectively promote the company with the use of social media.

This content is essential if you need to make the brand recognizable in terms of visual online policy. It also ensures the respect for the original intellectual property rights.
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