LJ Yoga Journey
This is a volunteer project of two beautiful ladies - yoga teachers who decided to work together to make our world a happier place.

Content strategy

Brand building
Love Joy Yoga Journey
We worked on this project from scratch and we always knew what was really important about it. And that is the unique people who made it happen. We felt the incredible energy of the two yoginis and it inspired us to find the right solutions for the brand.

We decided to leave aside the existing trends of healthy lifestyle and go deeper into the concept of yoga. We united kundalini, hatha yoga and other bodily practice in one project. Our aim was to reflect the essence of the human conscience and the fundamental nature of spiritual knowledge. The logo of Love Joy Yoga Journey stands for these ideas.

A combination of photo content with contrast colors and compact printing completed the branding style. By this we also managed to point out the high level of the brand's expertise and highlight the volunteer basis of the project.

Become happier with LJ Yoga Journey:
USA: +1 323 744 66 80
Russia: +7 905 514 95 86