Dr. Sergey Sviridov

Positioning strategy.
Creation of content.
Plastic surgeon
Sergey Vladimirovich Sviridov

The research of plastic surgery market in Russia and abroad helped us to find several good ideas to choose the right positioning strategy for the brand "Dr. Sergey Sviridov".

We managed to highlight its philosophy, mission and strategy and include the ideas of expert level, identity, high aesthetics and technology.

We thought of a main slogan which served as the basis for the brand and its services and we also created GIF-banners to promote the brand in Google and Yandex as well as theme-based forums.

The compactness of the print and the delicacy of the logo form highlight the earnest of profession and the sense of taste that originates from the ideas of Renaissance art.

The colour palette works for the positive reading of the brand as it is associated with cosmetic brands and the sphere of medical care.

Creation of brand images
Design of online pages
Photo/video content

Images are one of the visual basis of promoting the brand in the service market. The way Dr. Sviridov looks attracts the attention of women of 35+ who are the major part of his audience and works for the brand loyalty.
That's why we decided to place his portraits on different items of the brand which helped our customer to stand out among his peers.
Photos "Before" and "After" are the most popular content items in the beauty industry.

We took it as the basis for infographics and used it as an example of design-content for SMM and online marketing.

Although we used a stock image the content doesn't look common thanks to the branding style.

There are three ways to protect the video copyright.

The first is to overlay a statical logo on the whole video or in the beginning and at the end of the video.

The second is to place captions in the beginning and at the end of the video.

The third is to make an animated opening which serves to prepare the viewers to perceive the unique product of high quality.

This is a rare combination of low cost and wow-effect!

Logo-motion and sound-design
Logo animation. Creating unique background music.
We believe that the documentary style of video production is a good way to promote a plastic surgery brand.
We've decided to create a documentary about Dr. Sergey Sviridov to present some real facts about his everyday work. This would help the audience trust him more and therefore choose his services among the services of his peer surgeons. The film is based on the concept of corporate videos.

Downloading videos of this kind to the Youtube-channel on a regular basis supports SEO promotion and increases the loyalty of the audience.

Watch: "Life without seam"
documentary about Dr. Sergey Sviridov
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